Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Before I Die...

A former friend and I used to play this game...we called it "Before I Die..." 

Not being morbid at all, it was basically a bucket list of things we wanted to do before we left this world for a better place.

"Before I Die" messages would come in the form of a random text, an email, a FB message, a picture...anything...

Since we don't play the game any more, I thought I'd compile a list here of things I'd like to do or see before I die...

1. I've always wanted to take off from and land on the deck of an aircraft carrier. Blame Top Gun. It was kind of a coming-of-age movie for me. Love me some Goose.  But point being, since middle school, I've wanted to take off from the deck of an aircraft carrier, soar through the skies and land with that hook the only thing between me and the vast ocean.

2. I want to go to cooking school in Tuscany.  Not like some American vacation school. I want to enroll in Tuscany. In Italian. And do it authentically.

3. I want to go on safari in Africa.

4. I want to be the editor of Bon Appetit. Dream. Job.

5. In lieu of taking the helm of my favorite magazine of all time, I'd like to publish my own cookbook.

6. Possibly, even, the DEFINITIVE cream cheese cookbook. I mean, it's a food group, right?

 7. Places I want to visit:

Greece!!!!!!!! Oh the ultimate Mediterranean vacation.


I want to sleep in a cabana over the water.

There's more. India. China. Russia. You name it. I. Want. To. Go.

8. I want to learn photography. Digital photography. This will help with my cookbooks.

9. I want to open a quaint, authentic Italian bistro. With awesome wines, homemade pasta and my signature red "gravy."

10. And last but not least, for today anyway, I've ALWAYS wanted a German Shepherd.

I reserve the right to add to this list whenever the mood strikes.


  1. Oh girl I love this!! You have an enviable spirit and I'd buy any cookbook or magazine from you!!! - Stace

  2. Ames I'll join you anywhere! Hey what about Alaska? Didn't we talk about that once?