Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ocean Chronicles: The Treasure Hunt

Arrrrgggghhhhh matey!

The Brocato family annual Treasure Hunt kicked off the last morning at the beach with a clue discovered in the oven of the condo. Those crazy pirates!

Curt, the self-appointed leader of the pack as the oldest grandchild (and only one of two who can read), jump started the hunt by reading the first clue to the treasure hunters.

And they were off!

The first clue directed the intrepid gang to a balcony high on the fourth floor of the Dunes complex.

The younger kids listened with rapt attention while Curt read the next clue.

We CRAMMED into the elevator (ignoring the weight limits...)

And alighted from the PACKED vessel to the complex's mail room. It took them several minutes to find the clue. It was hidden under the parcel box in a shell. Those silly pirates.

Curt wanted to read it (of course).

But little did we know that the next clue was also hidden in the mail room, wedged into a mail slot in an unsuspecting box. 

Luke took a turn.

This clue took us to the outdoor showers.

Where we hit, ahem, a little snag...there was no clue among the rocks as promised. The rocks were wet...Pirate Pop didn't want to leave the clue on wet rocks.

So we headed down to the beach. Traditionally, we dig for buried treasure on the beach somewhere.

Pirate Pop met our little entourage as we approached the water. As a matter of fact, he HAD seen the pirates pass and they left the next clue with him.  Those silly pirates.

The final clue led us over to a nearby lifeguard stand.

Where SHELLS marked the spot. This was a very good addition to the hunt as we, ahem, hit a snag last year when one 'treasure' didn't make it into the hiding spot...

Each pirate-in-training dug for their buried treasure.

And came up with incredible booty!

Including pieces of eight. Score!

This was the first year Curt anticipated the Treasure Hunt and expected it to happen. He even brought the clues home with us. I'm sure as the grandkids get older, they'll begin to look forward to knowing the Hunt will go on each year.


And special thanks to Pirates Pop and Granny for a WONDERFUL tradition!

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