Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Incredible, Shrinking Suitcase

How is it that I packed an ENTIRE WEEK'S worth of clothes into this suitcase for vacation last summer, but I can't begin to get Curt's belongings for three days of camp into the same vessel?

I'm going to blame the fact that it was summer and the clothes are smaller. And that he didn't need two bath towels, a rain jacket and fleece pajama pants on vacation at the beach.

Scary thing is, I haven't even packed the three pairs of pants, three shirts and a jacket that the checklist calls for yet.

And while we're talking about camp, I will readily admit I'm not liking the idea very much.

I mean, it's a GREAT OPPORTUNITY for Curt and he's going to love it. The entire fifth grade gets to go to the Camp Tyler Outdoor School for three days this time of year. Don't worry - they go by classes. The camp isn't overrun with a thousand stinky, hormonal fifth graders at the same time (bless their hearts).

Curt's class goes Wednesday and comes back Friday. Two nights and three days.

Two VERY LONG nights and three days, I might add.

He's going to love it.

Remind me of this Wednesday night.