Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Day...In Cell Phone Pictures

Today was just an ordinary day. But I thought I'd document it in pictures.  Nothing too exciting.

Just an ordinary day. 

The first thing I see every morning: 

Uh oh. Time to clean up again:

It was still dark when I left for work:

And the sun was just creeping into the sky when I arrived:

My favorite way to start the day, no matter how many times I've tried to give it up:

My computer FINALLY boots up: (was there any doubt what site I'd be visiting?)

I walk through the insert room to get to the elevator:

When I leave work it's a bit brighter outside:

And so hot even the well-attended flowers are dying.

From work it's straight to the sunbaked school playground for pick-up:

It's cooler under the tree:

MUCH cooler:

Thank heavens for the crossing guards. We'd never get to our car otherwise!

Unpack your backpack, please!

Why do I even BOTHER having a basket for the shoes?

Oh fun! Chores!

Last peaches of the summer for school lunches tomorrow:

And a video game before dinner:

Leftovers for dinner, then it's bedtime for this very tired chica!