Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ocean Chronicles: Night Pool

"Night Pool" has been a beach tradition ever since Curt was old enough to stay awake long enough to know that at dusk, the lights inside the pool turned on and the lights at each condo came twinkling on like stars on a crystal clear night.

(Full Disclosure: My "Night Pool" pictures all did not turn out, so these are more the "Twilight Pool" versions.)

Once Curt realized that the seahorse shaped pool had underwater lights that automatically came on when it got dark, there was no stopping him. He wanted to be IN. THAT. POOL. AT. NIGHT. 

And we do visit the pool several nights during the stay, when Curt spends most of his time  huddled up against the submerged lights in delight.

This year, he ALSO added the "walkabout" feature to Night Pool, where he'd take the elevator up to the various levels of the complex and walkabout the open air hallways.

I can't wait to see what next year brings.


  1. Where's night hot tub?

  2. Haha! Had it had a hot tub it would have been night pool every night!!!