Friday, August 19, 2011

Urban Dictionary: Amy

Have you ever looked up your name on Urban Dictionary? I hadn't even heard of doing that until Leslie and Katelyn were doing it last night at a girl's night in. 

So of course I had to try it this morning, seeing as how Katelyn and Leslie's Urban Dictionary definitions of their names were so fitting! (and we *know* Urban Dictionary is the source for all things fitting and accurate). 

Here's what it said about my name:


to take, hold, or steal your heart. a person who is a soulmate. a good lover.
she pulled an amy on my heart. (she stole or holds my heart)
my heart was amyied. (my heart was stolen)
watch out she will amy you. (she will steal your heart)
you have yourself an amy. (you have yourself a soulmate)

An amazing girl who can be seen as perfect in all ways, even though she'll never admit it. She is very beautiful, but remains in denial about her looks, even though she looks amazing even at the worst of times. She has an amazing personality(which matches her body in Beauty) and is instantly appealing, giving great first impression to others. She has lots of friends, and inspires them all with edgy and loveable spark which keeps them close for a lifetime. Not to mention it's ALWAYS interesting to talk to her with just about anything and everything! A talk with Amy can brighten anyone's mood, and leave them feeling very happy (except only when they have to stop and go to bed). She has a great love of food (especially bagels) and sense of humor and often makes up her own crazy words, which only makes you love her more! A day with Amy is never wasted, and when you experience this you realize that nothing else can ever be as fulfilling. From the point you meet and fall in love with her you realize you want to be with her for the rest of your life, and not a single experience is ever regretted.
"Wow, i can't believe I'm with Amy. I must be the luckiest guy in the world"

Guy1: Damn that girl's just so amazing!
Guy2: And perfect!
Guy3: She must be an Amy.

1. A name linked to Biblical numbers in many ways:
1+13+25 = 39, 3+9 = 12
By digit sum,
1+4+7 = 12
Also, AMY divides the alphabet in the following way: from A to L = 12, M to X = 12, Y to Z =1
Adding these numbers, 12+12+1 = 25, 2+5=7
In addition, (1+2)+(1+2)+1 = 7
Many more relationships exist at more involved levels....
2. The name that was given to the most beautiful girl in the world
1. "Amy" sure is a beautiful name any way you look at it

2. Amy is so beautiful I pissed my pants (WHAT??? GROSS!!!)

Derived from Old French aimée meaning "beloved" This name usually represents a bubbly blond beautiful beauty full of passion, ambition and love.
amy hey, whats up
boy yea its all good
Please excuse the formatting issues - it's a little tricky when you're cutting and pasting from Urban Dictionary. 
Try it at home, kids, it's sure to make you LAUGH.


  1. "She has a great love of food (especially bagels) and sense of humor and often makes up her own crazy words, which only makes you love her more!"

    HA HA! Love it!!!

  2. Hi Amy! Glad I found your blog. I don't know you IRL, but I bet all this is true!
    Your new friend, Sandra

  3. Oh my gosh! I'm going to try this with my name. And yours is perfect for you, gorgeous, smart, funny, friendly, sparkly friend! ~Mandy

  4. Glad you sent out this link. Ames, you are beauty personified inside and out. Xxxxxooooo Stace