Friday, July 22, 2011

Where Did the Baby Go?

A friend commented today on a picture in a Facebook album from 2008 so I clicked on the picture and embarked on a journey down memory lane.

How QUICKLY our kids grow up! It just seems like yesterday that they were babies...or toddlers...and it seems like suddenly they're growing faster and faster and faster.

I loved looking at all the pics and I wanted to share a few here (didn't like seeing how much thinner I was then...sigh...)

All of these are from 2008, which seems like just a blink of an eye ago...

Christmas 2008...picking out a Christmas tree in Tyler with Daddy although the boys and I had to drive back to Sour Lake right after that.

Curt and his AWESOME kindergarten teacher.

Lukers in the backyard of our Sour Lake house.

Luke at his preschool Art Show.

Me (with really bad roots) and Luke at his preschool field day.

Curt and Luke at Luke's Art Show.

Finding a friend in the backyard at "307."

Halloween 2008. Ms Julie's class!!!

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