Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Let Sleeping Boys Lie

This is usually what I see when I come out of the bathroom after getting ready each morning.

Two little angels snuggled in my bed.

Sometimes they don't hear my alarm go off, their signal to abandon their own beds and burrow into the warmth of mine.

So I'll go gently wake them after I get dressed, and leave them the remaining time it takes me to get ready to sleep in Mommy's bed.

Luke usually comes in fully dressed for the day. Curt has to be pried out of bed to get ready to go to day camp.

They both fall back soundly asleep when their little angel heads hit my pillows.

I kiss them goodbye before I leave. They're usually awake by that time.

But on this particular day, they were both snoring.

I decided to let sleeping boys lie.

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