Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wedding Day


Now that we have THAT clear; my brother, Andy, and his girfriend of almost 3 years turned fiancee, Julie, are getting married this evening.

Last night's rehearsal dinner was a blast, learned ALL KINDS OF THINGS about Andy I didn't know before. And probably shouldn't know now. (kidding...sorta...) Saw my brother, Jim, his gorgeous sweet wife Lesley and nephews Jameson, Rylan and Greycen (aka, Peanut). Probably one of the best parts was watching the cousins tear it up on the outside deck of the golf club where the rehearsal dinner was held.

Sat up Thursday night late talking to my precious sister Beth. *sigh....sheer happiness.... (Sorry for excluding you, Matt, it was GIRL TALK. ;-)

Have been THOROUGHLY entertained by Ben, 3, and Claire, 18 months, my nephew and only niece. Children of my awesome sister Becky. Ben, in the sweetest precocious baby voice you've ever heard, sings The National Anthem, CORRECTLY, and composes his own music. He can also belt out some showtunes with the best of 'em and uses words like "perseverance" in conversation. Props to their dad, Anthony, for corralling wiggling crying Claire into a dress, tights, bloomers, patent leather shoes and a hairbow. All by himself. Well, Uncle Matt did go up and help, because Claire won't let AUNT AMY within 16 feet of her.  *sigh again...the perils of living half a country away (sadness).

This morning, my dad and I are going to Richmond's Art's in the Park event, one of my hometown FAVORITES. With my DAD.


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