Monday, April 25, 2011

Top 10 Rambling Topics of the Day

I might as well just face the fact that on some days, I have no point. I have to ramble.

And these things are on my mind tonight.

1. I love Italian Cream Cake. Didn't know it until today, but THANK YOU.

2. Curt has his first TAKS tomorrow. I've been nervous about this all year. At first I was irritated that math came first because I was worried he'd be worn out by Wednesday's reading test. But I think, for me, knowing he'll breeze through math will hopefully give him confidence for reading on Wednesday. I haven't said a word...I know he's hearing enough about the tests at school. No more pressure. But if anyone has prayers or positive thoughts to expend, I'd appreciate it.

3. I am blessed with so many amazing friends who will go above and beyond for me, even if life isn't  handing them roses. I am SO THANKFUL for you. I am thankful I have friends I went to lunch today with and laughed so loudly it prompted one of them to compliment my unrestrained laughter (at least, I *think* it was a compliment). Haven't laughed like that in a long time. And as for the other friend, it was a "duh" moment to find out that Aurora is our favorite Disney princess. Well of course it is. We tend to have the same thoughts at the same times and have the simultaneous emails to prove it. Thanks, J & S.

4. Despite two hours spent at the DPS office, I left with a warm fuzzy. Don't ask why. And it WASN'T the woman with the 4-inch long blue fingernails.

5. This morning, when I went to go kiss my angel baby Luke goodbye in his sleep, he opened one lazy eye, grabbed onto my arm and said, "Mommy, I love you SO MUCH." Melted.

6. Praying for a best friend. You know who  you are.

7. Have complete faith that IT WILL WORK OUT. God's plan; not mine.

8. Have a nuclear medicine gastric emptying test tomorrow. I think this involves eating Japanese food.

9. Am going HOME on Thursday. HOME. Richmond, VA. My last brother, the last bachelor holdout, is getting married Saturday. Congrats Andy and Juli! Cannot WAIT to see my family. They renew my spirit like none other.

10. Someone told me today I was lucky. There was no import in their words. But I don't think I believe in "lucky." I believe in making your own way, making the best choices and shaping your own destiny as far as God will allow. Lucky? I have a blessed life. Random? No way. I've worked to be in the place I am. And whatever doesn't work at the moment, I will, with God's help, make it better.

The end.

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