Monday, April 18, 2011

Spit It Out

Friday, I got an email at work from Mrs. H that Curt had received lunch detention. 

For the first time ever.

He couldn't stop  himself from yelling out during class while Mrs. H was teaching and it seems he was having a problem staying seated. Day after day after day.

So he received what I'm sure were multiple warnings and finally lunch detention.

He was very upset. And rightly so. But he doesn't get cut any slack at home and I don't expect him to be cut any slack at school, either.

I exchanged a few emails with Mrs. H Friday morning. It seems Curt was mostly upset about repercussions at home. [insert jokes about CPS here]

After school Friday, Curt came trudging out of the building hidden behind his teacher, a hangdog look on his face, dragging his backpack behind him.

"Now Curt," says Mrs. H, "You need to tell your mom what happened."

Curt refused.

After a few more promptings, Mrs. H says, "Curt, just spit it out."

So Curt, with his fabulous, miraculous, very literal 'autism brain,' collects a large wad of mucus in his mouth and hurls it to the sidewalk.

There was nothing we could do but laugh.

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