Monday, March 19, 2012


Luke just finished a marathon.

Yep, 8-year-old, second grade Luke ran 26.2 miles.

And here's the proof:


That's the medal he received from school, from his physical education class, for finishing a marathon.

He's VERY proud of it.

Now keep in mind he didn't do it all at one time. Instead, the kids were challenged to complete 26.2 miles of jogging or fitness walking over about a 6-week period.

Luke was determined to be one of the first in his class to finish. He wanted to beat the PE coach (he WAS the first in his class to finish; he didn't quite finish before the PE coach). So in one, two and three mile increments, Luke ran.

And ran and ran and ran. 

26.2 miles.

I'm  VERY proud of my boy.

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