Friday, December 23, 2011

These Are A Few of my Favorite {CHRISTmas} Things

There are so many things to love during the CHRISTmas season. Here's a few of MY favorite things.

My small tree with photo ornaments of the boys from every year:

My house, all decorated for the holidays.

Saxon ("That silly Elf!") who is visiting from the North Pole.

Letters from Santa:

The manger my dad made and the nativity set that the boys can play with.

Tyler's Holiday in the Park event. Can we say, "Snow slide?"

Visits from Santa at the TB Butler Publishing Company Christmas dinner.

Making cookies with my boys.

Having cookies in the house!

Certain Christmas ornaments:

Ones handmade by the boys

Baby Jesus in a Walnut Shell...this is a recreation of one we had growing up. I don't really know the allure, but we always fought over who got to hang it on the tree.

From my sister, Becky, last year. I don't really know what she meant by it... ;-)

The ornaments my mom gives the boys every year. This one is commemorative of our beach trips.

The year Curt was obsessed with disco balls...

Anyone who knows me need not ask.

Another from my honor of the "treasure hunts" every year at the beach.

Chimes...critical to know if any small children are rummaging around under the tree before the official Christmas morning reveal.

A small thumbprint from a now big boy.

From Luke's Thomas the Train phase.

Merry CHRISTmas to all!

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  1. Great post!!! Too many things I like this year to list them all. Feliz Navidad...oops!! I accidentally hit the "Spanish" button! I meant to say merry Christmas!!! ;-)