Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dear Kevin,

I think I love you your glorious posts about gooey, delicious, succulent comfort foods.

Like a recent blog post about cheese Mushroom Grilled Cheese sandwiches  that made my toes curl.

Photo by Kevin from at

Or Saturday's post about cheese Roast Beef Grilled Cheese sandwiches that made me swoon.

Or even April's post about cheese Jalapeno Popper Grilled Cheese sandwiches. That one incited a veritable tsunami of mouthwatering madness.

But it goes so much deeper than cheese grilled cheese, Kevin. There's your intrinsic knowledge of cookies.

Especially the Nanaimo Bars. Those bites of complete sweetness brought tears to my eyes. 

I wondered, out loud in the office yesterday, if it would be considered strange to propose marriage to stranger from a different country completely on the basis of cheese his blog. My coworkers said 'of course not' and another bystander said that if I didn't propose, she might.

You had me at 'mascarpone,' Kevin. You didn't even HAVE to say 'risotto,' but that sealed the deal. And 'eggplant' was the icing on the cake. The fact that you know a ramp isn't found on a highway or on an ADA-certified sidewalk brought on a giddiness I don't often experience. And 95 references to pasta ALONE? Not even counting the 76 references to Presto Pasta Nights?


If you'd ever like to leave that closet kitchen, and visit the 'everything-is-bigger-in' state, I think we'd make beautiful food together. 

 ~ Amy


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