Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The 3 G's Of a Traditional Holiday Craft

G is for GINGERBREAD house.

Some sources say that the spice ginger was introduced in Europe in the 11th-century by Middle Eastern traders and quickly incorporated into cooking, especially baking in Germany.

We've made gingerbread houses for years now...some years the boys get more into decorating the house than others. But they always look forward to doing it (cherishing the time they still want to decorate a gingerbread house with their mama!).

G is also for GUMDROPS.

When you buy the gingerbread house kits, they come with scores of hardened, disgusting, petrified candies. 

The boys like the GUMDROPS the best.

And speaking of scores of hardened, disgusting, petrified candies, who REALLY eats a gingerbread house anyway?

Not us. Those things have a shelf-life of at least 3,000 years. I know this because, while I was cleaning and rearranging things recently, I found our gingerbread house from last year.


Why on EARTH was it in a kitchen cabinet?

But here it is:

Just slightly worse for the wear from residing in a cabinet since last Christmas. (GROSS!!!!)

My point being, you never eat a gingerbread house.

So why spend HOURS painstakingly putting  your house together, piece by piece, slab of icing by slab of icing? And then HOLDING it up until the icing cemented the pieces of the house together and the gingerbread was stable enough to decorate?

No way. There are not enough hours in the Christmas season for all of that nonsense.

So when my sister in law, Lesley, told me HER secret to speedy gingerbread house preparation, I was ALL OVER IT.

Which brings me to my third G.


Hot glue, to be exact.

The fastest, strongest, most brilliant way to assemble a gingerbread house. EVER.

Since you're not going to eat it anyway, WHY NOT?

Once you decorate it, the glue will not show at all.

And your finished product will survive another year.

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