Monday, November 7, 2011

An 8-Year-Old Discusses Higher Education

Luke: Mom, I want to go to Texas A&M.


Me: Well OK, Luke, that's where Daddy went so that would be good.

Luke: It doesn't matter, you know. I could go to Texas Longhorns too.

Me: Yes you could. We just think it's important that you go somewhere.

Luke: What's college like?

Me: Well, you study hard and make a lot of new friends and there are sports you can do and activities you can do.

Luke: Do they have good cereal where you eat? Hey, where do you eat at college?

Me: In a dining hall, usually, like your cafeteria but bigger.

Luke: And do they have a boys' college and a girls' college?

Me: Some schools are only boys or only girls, but UT and A&M are co-ed. That means both boys and girls go.

Luke: Do they have boy houses and girl houses to live in?

Me: The dorms? Well, you'll share a dorm room with another boy.

Luke: Is it like a big party in the boys' house?

Me: (carefully) Well, there are parties at college that you can go to if you finish all your homework.

Luke: Do they have BOUNCE HOUSES at college parties??

**Ahhhhh....if only.....