Monday, November 14, 2011

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

It all started with the Peanuts holiday classic, "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving."

Of course we've watched it, over and over and over and over, each  year since the boys were old enough to sit through a 30 minute cartoon.

But in 2008, Curt wanted to do more than watch.

"I want to have a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving feast," he declared.  "I want to have popcorn and pretzels and jelly beans and mashed potatoes and toast."

So we invited friends from the neighborhood, friends from church and friends from his class at school.
We set out long folding tables, Charlie-style, with bowls of popcorn, trays of toast, baskets of pretzels sticks and cups filled with jelly beans. There was a vat of mashed potatoes and enough juice boxes (not in the original cartoon, but hey, something had to give) for a small army.

And lots of friends came.

They feasted on jellybeans.

They feasted on popcorn.

They feasted on everything else that day included in the video.

And BOY OH BOY did they have fun.

We moved from Sour Lake to Tyler a few weeks later.

We didn't have a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Feast in 2009, but last year, in 2010, Leadership Tyler Class 24 got together, under the direction of Curt and Luke's dad, Brian, to put together a community-wide Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Feast. 

This year, the Feast has been revived.

The 2011 Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Feast will be 2 p.m. Nov. 19 at the East Texas Food Bank, 3201 Robertson. Drinks, popcorn, jelly beans, pretzels, toast and ice cream will be provided! A showing of the "Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special" will follow. Sponsors include Brookshire's, Sweet Gourmet, Jason's Deli and Popcorn Junction. The food bank and LT24, a community service group, are organizing the event. The event is free to the public. Attendees are asked to donate a jar of peanut butter to the East Texas Food Bank. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

In the video, Lucy asks Chuck, "Isn't it peculiar, Charlie Brown, how some traditions just slowly fade away?"

But this is a tradition sure to stick around.

Besides, I'll hold your hand under the table. 

Photos from the original Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Feast courtesy of Silvia McClain, Special Times Photography.

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  1. Nice post! Love Charlie Brown! He has such a trusting heart!