Tuesday, November 1, 2011

LOVE LETTER to Jim and Lesley

I started the LOVE LETTER series back in early May, after my brother, Andy, married his beautiful bride Juli.

But today isn't about Andy and Juli, although the love letters they read to each other at their wedding were inspiring.

Today is about my brother, Jim, and his beautiful wife, Lesley, aka, SILL.

Today is THEIR birthday. Yes, they share a life AND a birthday. In fact, I *think* that's how they met. I could be totally making this up or strictly going by Jim's completely fictional account of their meeting, but how I understand the story is that, as freshmen at The University of Virginia, Lesley's dorm room door was decorated for her birthday. Jim walked by, noted the birthday decor, and decided to knock to see who had the audacity to share his birthday.  The rest is history.

Jim and Lesley got married on Aug. 31, 2002, after dating for at least 20 years a really, really, really long time. In fact, if Jim hadn't proposed to Lesley, the rest of the sibs were going to kick in for an engagement ring and take matters into our own hands.

Lesley's been part of the family forever. Besides their shared love of all things Pez, one of the amazing things about Jim and Lesley is their amazing dedication to family.

Jameson, Rylan and Peanut Greycen (I forget sometimes that child has a legal name), came along in rapid succession soon after Jim finished serving in the U.S. Army.

Theirs is a beautiful family. Unfortunately I don't get to spend nearly as much time with them as I'd like; I really only see them once a year at the beach (**sob**). But when we're there, I love to watch them in action as parents.

First of all, they're a team. With three boys age 5 and under, they have to be. But it comes naturally to them. They seem to communicate without words almost; if something needs to be done, the other senses it...and does it. If Ry wants to jump waves, Jim is on it. If Peanut needs a nap, Lesley is there, anticipating. When Jameson wants to dig a hole from Sandbridge to China, it's a group effort.

They're sweet to each other. Respectful. Loving. Sarcastic. Oh wait, that's just Jim. (and it's endearing).

I love seeing the pictures on Facebook from their action packed weekends. Jame started kindergarten this year, but before that (and now with Ry and Grey), Lesley lovingly fills their days with activities for the boys and quality time with each.

They make time for each other too (I see the date night pictures as well!!!)

So after 10 years of marriage and XX years of life together, happy birthday Jim and Lesley and thank you for being the wonderful people you are. LOVE YOU.

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  1. You must have the most amazing family! It certainly sounds like it. Which is part of the reason you're such a sweetheart!