Thursday, May 26, 2011

These Are a Few of my Favorite Things

I woke up this morning on cloud 9. Or 19 million.

But somehow I fell into a deep, dark FUNK. And I shouldn't have. But some days are like that. Even in Australia.

So I decided to think about a few of my favorite things.

* My boys. This goes without saying, so I just had to get that over with first on my list.

Oh look ! There's Curt with the missing tooth. The one that grew in and then got broken off by a close encounter with a swing.

* That two of my three favorite flowers grow in my yard.

My faves: Gardenias. Peonies. Hydrangeas. Hydrangeas and gardenias grow in my yard.

* Almost **ANY** Yankee Candle

*Beach Pat Conroy

* The beach....with my family!

* Anything vanilla scented

*The smell of anything baking.

* The scent of Baby Magic

* The sound of laughter. Any laughter.

* My bestest friends. S. M. D.

*Down comforters.

* Chocolate buttercream

*Dark chocolate

*Any chocolate

*Any buttercream


*Roller coasters


*Rain drops on roses...Ok, not really....they're *nice* and all, but....not really....

*Breakfast for any meal of the day.

*Books, books and more books!

*Pink (the color, although I think the singer is good too)

* Babies

* Cooking

* Porch parties

* Swimming!


*Ann Taylor

* Silk


* Laughing lunches


(more to follow)

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