Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Imagination Mover

Along with his adorable freckles, Luke has a wildly vivid, glorious imagination. He can entertain himself for hours with a box, a block, a Matchbox car and a drinking straw.

Or any other random assortment of  objects that intrigue him and capture his fancy.

Like these:

He set these up in the hallway by his bedroom door to detect ghosts last night.

Luckily, there weren't any.

And yesterday afternoon, he drew this:

It's a map of his imaginary city.

And this:

A sea monster.

And this:

An action figure.

I can remember days when Luke played for hours with a bowl of water, a leaf and a fork.

When he gets together with his friends, outside, in the afternoon, his world is transformed from a suburban neighborhood to a haunted forest, or a meteorite strewn planetary wasteland. He recently shared that he thought it would be funny if his corn dog turned into a rocket ship and blasted off into outer space.

He sometimes gets frustrated because Curt, who has a much more literal brain, doesn't understand his games of make-believe. But then he just pretends Curt is an alien and he's over it.

Oh to have an imagination like that!

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