Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Breakfast with Beemster

I had a breakfast date with a cute boy this morning.

I almost NEVER get time alone with one boy at a time, so this was a very. special. treat. Curt had to be at his camp early today, and Luke didn't have to be at his camp until later, so we took advantage of the time alone. (Please. Don't. Tell. Curt).

We went to FRESH and had breakfast tacos (and a Pepsi. SORRY Mrs. Ashley!) I did mention it was a very. special. treat. Right?

 Then we walked around the store for a few minutes. Luke sampled some cranberry orange bread, but then decided he didn't like it so he tried to give it to me. ABC bread? No thanks!

The best part was visiting Beemster. Luke carried on quite a conversation with him. (It was the Pepsi talking...)

 Big fun to start the day.

I hope I get to have some date time with Curt, soon, too.

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