Wednesday, December 5, 2012

More Christmas Favorites

Every year, I attempt to downsize the *stuff* involved with Christmas.

I haven't quite succeeded.

Not if you count the four bins, three industrial-sized trash bags (I need to buy a Christmas tree storage bag this year) and the partridge in the pear tree I hauled down from the attic.  Plus the extra tub of ornaments.

I did manage to trim and "recycle" some of the contents of those bins before I decked the halls, but there are some things I will never part with.

The Christmas tree skirt my mom made me the first year I was out on my own - 1994, I think. 

Our kids' Nativity set - my dad built the manger and the figurines are indestructable. Reminds me of the set we had growing up...we played with that all Christmas season.

My favorite Christmas card picture of the boys to date. I didn't pry the back off the frame to see what year it was, but I'm pretty sure it was 2006 or 2007 - so Curt was almost 5 and Luke was 3. One of my sweet students at Trinity Day School gave me the frame that year.

Curt's handprint wreath, created at a Wesley UMC Christmas Crafts Day!

Luke's wreath, also at a Wesley Christmas Crafts Day! 

Luke's hand/foot angel, from his "baby class" at Trinity Play School.

The picture tree!

And the Advent calendar my mom made - a duplicate of the one we had growing up. Since there are five of us kids, we each took turns "turning over" days on the calendar. We quickly figured out that whoever turned over Day 1, also turned over Christmas Day and that was like the grand prize of the Advent calendar. It was probably a fight every year.

I love Christmas!

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