Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kids in the Kitchen: Pepperoni Rolls

The other night, the boys made their own dinner because my Shrimp Creole was going to "spice their mouths too much." (In all fairness, they were right, although Curt made a valiant attempt at enjoying some of the Mardi Gras dish while frantically gulping gallons of milk).

So instead, they made Pepperoni Rolls and had a blast enjoying the fruits of their hard labor.

Pepperoni Rolls

1 tube Pillsbury Reduced-Fat Crescent Rolls (I *meant* to buy the reduced fat. I must have grabbed the wrong ones)
1 package turkey pepperoni
3 sticks light-mozzarella string cheese
Italian spice blend
Marinara sauce, for dipping.

Cut string cheese into thirds.

Be *very* careful not to "accidentally" cut your brother's hand. Especially when he's standing well away from you. Just sayin'.

Unroll crescent dough and press gently into triangles.

Be *very* careful not to "accidentally" leave fingerprints in your brother's four triangles. Even if they are in a different spot on the kitchen counter from yours.

Sprinkle Italian seasoning onto triangles of dough. Be *very* careful not to "accidentally" shake too much seasoning onto your brother's dough.

Place pepperoni on dough in any pattern or amount you'd like. Be *very* careful not to eat a pepperoni (or four) off your brother's roll.

Place a piece of string cheese at the "top", widest part, of the crescent roll. Be *very* careful not to "accidentally" knock the piece of cheese off of your brother's roll.

Starting from the wide/cheese end, roll, folding in sides as you go. Be *very* careful to not to "accidentally" bump your brother's elbow and he's carefully rolling.

Fold in edges over string cheese and pepperoni.

Be proud of your finished product.

Bake at 375 until golden and cheese is melty. Serve with marinara sauce, "to dip." Be *very* careful not to eat extra marinara sauce...with your fingers...

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