Monday, January 23, 2012


Idea copied borrowed from Lemonade Makin' Mama. Loved it!

Currently loving...the boys' current interests and fascinations, as well as watching their developing personalities and characters.
Currently reading... Cutting For Stone... I can't put it down. Until I fall asleep with my Nook in my hands at night.

Currently waiting for... a package to come in the  mail! :-)
Currently excited about... our second GIRL POWER MENTORING event on Wednesday and what the Girl Power Mentoring program will hold for next year. *And* something I can't talk about yet...
Currently missing... my family. As always.
Currently grow more of a backbone. And to study more Scripture.
Currently working at...growing that backbone with grace and diplomacy. 
Currently enjoying...home decorating and craft projects!
Currently snacking on... air-popped popcorn.
Currently using...acetone to remove paint...don't ask...

Currently uniform! Black yoga pants and an oversized UT sweatshirt.
 Currently planning...a Pinterest party and my family vacation in August.
Currently singing...that new Avril Lavigne song... Wish You Were Here, or something to that effect.
Currently needing... to go to's been a busy day!

Currently learning... to let God be in control.
Currently listening to...silence...ahhhhhh
Currently wishing... that Facebook and Pinterest weren't quite so addictive.

Currently doing... winding down for the evening. Got my to-do list accomplished plus an now trying to let it all go.
Currently praying for... my kids. My family. Those in my life who are sick,  hurting or otherwise injured. And always His guidance and grace.
Currently dreaming of... a white sand beach in Belize!

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