Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Birthday Chair

I'm not really sure when the tradition of the birthday chair came about.

I think it was when Curt was 2 years old, and his little brother Luke was about ready to start using the high chair Curt had enthroned himself in for the first years of life. Curt moved to a big boy chair that could be decorated. I *think* I got the idea of the decorated chair from a friend on a forum for new moms, but I can't be sure of that and I apologize to whomever I'm not giving credit to.

Either way, the Birthday Chair was born. And every year since, the boys have woken up on their birthday to The Chair.

Curt's 10th birthday chair...ewww...gross floor. I decided I wasn't mopping before 5 boys invaded my kitchen for pizza and cookie cake. And let me tell ya, that was the right call.

Usually it's a crepe paper and balloon confection. One year it was yellow Batman crepe paper with black balloons for Luke's birthday. Another year it was all red, Curt's favorite color. I know one year it involved confetti. That was a one-time-only occurrence. I wish I had more pictures, but that would involve hooking up the external hard drive...*sigh...

Curt's 8th Birthday

Most years, the Birthday Chair doesn't change all that much. Primary colored crepe paper and bright balloons. But this year, Curt told me that he LOVED the birthday chair and wanted one his WHOLE. ENTIRE. LIFE.

And that is priceless.

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