Friday, October 7, 2011

Fresh, hand-pulled mozzarella = ~*~*~LoVe~*~*~

Saturday, my friends and I stopped by Whole Foods Market in Austin while on a weekend get away.




Fresh by Brookshire's used this concept for our local store (and my happy place). Whole Foods is a magnificent blend of fresh, organic produce, free-range meats, artisanal cheeses, fresh roasted coffees and other pantry items, not to mention the coffee bar, the wine tasting area, the seafood counter...oh my...I could wax poetic for days.

But when we were there Saturday, there was a demonstration of how to make FRESH. HAND-PULLED. MOZZERALLA.

I could have stood there for *at least* the next 17 years without moving a muscle. (except for the arm that brought that little ball of heaven up to my mouth).

The demonstrator had started with fresh mozzarella curd, HOURS earlier, perhaps even the night before, because the curd has to drain and drain and drain and drain.

But when it was ready, she prepped her water to 200 degrees and scooped up a bunch of those lovely curds, waiting to be transformed into smooth, salty cheese.

 After she heated the cheese curds and formed them into a ball, she gently pulled the newly formed cheese, like you would silly putty, almost. (but much tastier)

She did this several times, until the curds were worked out and the mozzarella was smooth.

And then she formed it into a neat little ball of delicious cheese goodness.

Then she dropped some of it into an ice bath to cool the cheese more quickly. If left at room temperature, it cools too slowly and changes the consistency of the cheese.

I would have more pictures. But I had to put down my camera.

To eat.

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