Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fashion NonSense

For years and years, I picked out the clothes my boys wore every day. I relaxed my standards on weekends, but I liked them to go to school in nice pants and a collared shirt of some kind.

All that went out the window when they got minds of their own. 

Now Curt will still let me lay his school clothes out for him. Luke, on the other hand, looks at what I've laid out for him to wear and immediately changes it.

And he can't match clothes to save his cute little 8-year-old life. He likes to pair orange basketball shorts with his purple Splash Day T-shirt. Or he'll wear his blue and green plaid shorts with his yellow and blue striped Polo shirt.

But today, they were in cahoots picking out their outfits.

This is what they came up with. Look might not be able to see them...


  1. I like this post. Mostly because you used actual colors when you typed in colors, you said "in cahoots," and you made a camo joke. And because your boys are cute.

  2. Oh my gosh, Ames, this is hysterical. Obviously they did not get their fashion sense from you!

  3. I love that. I'm excited you've found it. I pray that God gives you His love and peace, and these other women as well, as you go through this study. You're a wonderful friend. :-)