Saturday, September 1, 2012

Things That Make Me Happy - JDP edition

Today marks the one-month anniversary of starting my new job.

And I love it.

I mean, REALLY love it. It makes me happy. My co-workers make me happy. The smell of ink makes me happy. Picking up the newspaper every morning makes me happy.

So does my commute. This is my favorite hill. Not a good picture, but then again, I went out on a limb just driving and picture-taking at the same time.

My new business card. I've given out about 2 million already. I love small town journalism. People come by all day just to talk.  The same gentleman came back three times yesterday, because he kept remembering things he wanted to tell me. One woman brought in a picture of her 62-pound watermelon. Another cried on the phone yesterday because she was so overjoyed that an announcement about her son graduating from basic training made it into the paper.

And there it is, Friday's paper. Of course, the big news was the opening of high school football season. I can't wait to bring the boys to a game at the Tomato Bowl. 

I have my own office. With a door that closes. You don't know how happy this makes me.  I haven't actually closed the door yet, but I CAN. This is the important part. The publisher commented on my lack of office decor this week. "You ARE staying here, right?" he asked.

Yes. Yes I am. I just haven't hit on the *right decor yet. Must go to Garden Ridge. Or Hobby Lobby. And see those chairs? Can't wait to go all Pinterest on them.

This is part of my newsroom. It makes me happy because it's empty. Because the hardest working staff in journalism was out covering stories. 

The only office decor so far - my boys.  They were excited when they visited my new office recently and saw their pictures. Oh, and my snack yesterday. And my hair clippy because we all know that about mid-afternoon, the hair goes up.

My MAC. LOVE it.  Still learning all the shortcuts, but having so much fun doing it. I think CMD + Z might be my favorite.


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