Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Before going on vacation, my mom would make lists.

Lists of things clothing we needed in our suitcases.

Lists of things she'd need in the kitchen of our beach house.

Lists of items she'd need to bring with her from home.

Lists of last-minute items we'd pick up at the grocery store on the way into the beachfront town.

She had a notebook so she didn't have to recreate the lists year after year, as many of the items you'd need for an annual beach vacation never changed.

She'd have her lists ready weeks in advance and boxes and boxes and bags neatly organized in the dining room well before the trip.

It's three days until we leave for Santa Fe for Spring Break and I have done nothing. I don't know where the suitcases even ARE (I guess they're in the attic? Maybe?). I don't have any lists; I don't even have clean laundry yet. We're going skiing. My kids don't have proper ski attire. It occurred to me as I was blow drying my hair this morning that we hadn't made arrangements for the care of the two dogs.

Lists? I'll be lucky if we all get there with clean underwear.

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