Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"Old" Friend

Today my old (no pun intended) friend,  BG, because she doesn't need to be known by any other initials, turns 29. Again.

And since she has been my dearest friend for years, I can't help but, like I do with my children, be thankful for her very existence on this day that we celebrate her birth. (29 years ago.)

"A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future and accepts you just the way you are." I don't know who said that. In all honesty I just "borrowed" it from ThinkExist. But it's true.

BG has been there through huge amounts of laughter and possibly equal amounts of tears. Road trips to the beach. Even in the rain. She brought me Jason's Deli chicken pot pie, a 30 mile round trip for her, on the night before my movers came and I was up to my ears in packing boxes. She knew that I didn't like the snack mix at school, but preferred the Cheese Nips. I've Trick-or-Treated with her (I had to be the Bad Witch because she's too good to ever be considered that!), shopped with her, sat in the emergency room with her, celebrated our birthdays with her, celebrated our kids' birthdays with her and we've made road trips to see each other since I had to go and move away. We've sipped key lime pie martinis on occasion, cosmos on more than one. I laughed my head off at her zeal for last year's Super Bowl (because if you know BG, you *think* she's not the type to holler at the television set.) We text every day. Talk several times a week.

I miss you. And I'm thankful for you. For all "29" years you've spent on earth and the years you've spent being my friend.

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