Monday, June 4, 2012

40 Things To Do BEFORE I'm 40 (Part 1)

Back in January, I started a list: a list of 40 Things To Do Before I Turn 40.

When I started making my list, I realized there are a heck of a lot of things I've already checked off my life list. As it turns out,  it's been more challenging to come up with things, within reason, that I want to do. My friend jokingly asked today if we had  until the END of our 40th year to complete the list. I think we do.

I haven't quite gotten to 40 things yet, maybe you can suggest a few.

1. Run a 5k. CHECK. I ran ("shuffled") the ASSIST Autism Foundation 5k in March.

2. Skydive. Why I'd be willing to jump out of a perfectly good airplane, I couldn't tell you. But I'd like to do it. I think. Just once.

3. Camp ON the beach. 

4. Lose 40 pounds. *sigh

5. Eat raw oysters and not gag. CHECK.  The wedding I  helped with last weekend served oyster and lobster 'shooters' on their seafood buffet. I figured might as well try it. And no, I didn't gag.

6. Zip line. Another CHECK. The boys and I went with a fun group of friends back in March. 

7. Build a fence. Wait! What? I must confess, building a fence was not on my original list. But I added it because I DID it and it was something I never really thought I'd do. Not that I thought much about it. **disclaimer** My friends did the heavy lifting. CHECK!

8. Ride a Harley. CHECK!

9. Make ceviche. Can't wait to try this.

10. Ride in a hot air balloon. Anyone have one they want to take me up in?

11. Ride in a police helicopter spotting bad guys. Again, not originally on my list since I've already flown a helicopter, but the opportunity has presented itself to do a fly-along with the Dallas police force. So I'm going! Whoo hooo!

12. Acquire more original art.  I have several Dana Cargile pieces, including a custom canvas of my boys and one painting that's done on an antique ceiling tile from a Mississippi opera house. But I'd like more. Perhaps some black and white photography.

13. Get SCUBA certified. And then put me on a beach with white sand and cerulean water and I'll be happy as can be. 

To be continued...

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